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hi again!here is Selena Gomez :). yes I*m back.can you believe? oh and.. I hope you remember me. :) I*m the old selegomezrealme ,yes. and I think I*;m happy to be back .haha :) but I really hope that you*ll believe in me,again! :) so .. my full name is Selena Marie Gomez,you know . :) but you can call me Selena or Selly or Sel or .. how do you want :).but whatever.. :D anyway.. If you don*t believe in me,it*s okay.I still love you:) .oh and I wanna say that I*ll never ever delete my account,again. ;) Okay? kiss ya , x Sel:)

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BrendaSongVerifiedAccount 30 November 2010  
Omg! Please, sweetie, leave Selly life alone! Don't copy her! I know that you are a sweet girl and you will stop, right? :). If you don't, I will call Disney Corporation. Please, be nice and cute.
With love, B. Song.
BrendaSongVerifiedAccount 30 November 2010  
Selly's. Sorry. My keyboard is stupid...
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